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Private Colleges & Universities

Jamestown College

Jamestown College, located in Jamestown, was established in 1883 as a private 4-year college focusing in liberal arts. More than 40 areas of study are offered at Jamestown College, with degrees in Arts, Science and Nursing. Though Jamestown College is small, it offers many advantages of a large university by having quality and variety in the programs and courses that are offered.

Jamestown College has an enrollment of 1,100 students and is proud of their 17:1 student to faculty ratio. Students can participate in athletics, religious groups, a variety of campus organizations and other area activities.

Jamestown is a town of 15,500 residents located halfway between Bismarck and Fargo, just off Interstate-94. Jamestown is located in the valley where the James and Pipestem Rivers intersect and has a variety of recreational activities, both in the summer and winter months. Known as the "Pride of the Prairie," Jamestown is home to various museums, historic sites and more!

Contact Information
Jamestown College
608 6th Street NE
Jamestown, ND 58405
General information: (701) 252-3467, Ext. 2551
Financial aid office: (701) 252-3467, Ext. 2568
Admissions office: (701) 252-3467, Ext. 2562

Medcenter One College of Nursing

The Medcenter One College of Nursing, located in Bismarck, educates students to be healthcare professionals who offer the highest quality of nursing care. Taught by the faculty of Medcenter One Health Systems, the curriculum offers a variety of settings in which students can learn and practice. The Medcenter One medical center, along with various area clinics, schools and community agencies are examples of locations where students can practice their knowledge.

Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, has a population of 55,500, making it the second-largest city in North Dakota. Located in the central part of the state, Bismarck isnít far from many other points of interest in North Dakota.

Contact Information
Medcenter One College of Nursing
512 North 7th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501-4425
General information: (701) 323-6271
Financial aid office: (701) 323-6270
Admissions office: (701) 323-6271

Trinity Bible College

Trinity Bible College, founded in 1948, is located on a 28-acre campus in Ellendale. Affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Trinity Bible College provides a religious environment for students while they study academics.

Though Biblical Studies is the core offering of the College, other programs are also offered, including Business, Teacher Education, Fine Arts and Coaching. Students can participate (or watch) a variety of athletics, or participate in campus ministry programs or other student groups.

Ellendale is a small, friendly community of 1,550 residents. With an extremely low crime rate, this is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Ellendale is located on U.S. Highway 281 on the border of North and South Dakota. In this small rural community, people enjoy hunting, recreation, shopping and more.

Contact Information
Trinity Bible College
50 Sixth Avenue South
Ellendale, North Dakota 58436-7150
General information: (888) 822-2329
Financial aid office: (701) 349-5787
Admissions office: (701) 349-3621

University of Mary

The University of Maryís main campus is located in Bismarck, which is the state capital of North Dakota. The University of Mary began with a mission to respond to the needs of the area residents. Because of this mission, the University has experienced rapid expansion in size and academic offerings.

The University of Mary offers various Bachelorís, Pre-professional, Masterís and Doctoral programs. Business, Education, Science, Arts, Engineering and Medicine are the major categories offered at University of Mary.

Athletics and other student activities and groups are provided to make the experience at University of Mary memorable for its students. With two locations in Bismarck and a location in Fargo, the University of Mary has something for everyone to enjoy.

Bismarck, the second largest city in North Dakota, has the convenience of living in a city while also offering a small-town atmosphere. North Dakotaís capital is a city that you will love!

Contact Information
University of Mary
7500 University Dr
Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
E-mail: marauder@umary.edu
General information: (701) 255-7500, Ext. 0
Financial aid office: (701) 355-8079
Admissions office: (701) 355-8030

Rasmussen College

Founded in 1900, Rasmussen College is a premier provider of educational experiences, dedicated to the growth and development of its students, employees, and the communities it serves. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Rasmussen College offers Bachelorís and Associateís degrees in fields with the greatest occupation opportunities to more than 15,000 students both online and through its network of 21 campuses.

By partnering with leading universities, Rasmussen offers opportunities to students beyond the Bachelorís level. The Rasmussen Partner Network gives students the opportunity to earn Masterís and Doctoral degrees completely online, at their own convenience, from prominent universities around the country.

Campus Information:
Rasmussen College-Bismarck
1701 E. Century Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58503
General information: (701) 530-9600

Rasmussen College-Fargo
4012 19th Ave. SW
Fargo, ND 58103
General information: (701) 277-3889

Community Colleges and Technical Schools

Bismarck State College

Bismarck State College is part of the North Dakota University System and is a comprehensive community college offering 2-year programs. Bismarck State College provides students with a variety of learning in areas of transfer courses, vocational and technical programs, online courses and programs, continuing education and workforce training. Bachelorís degree and Graduate programs are also offered on campus in cooperation with other institutions in the North Dakota University System.

Bismarck State College offers a variety of student organizations and clubs. Depending on the organization, many student organizations take trips and tours throughout the year. Intramural sports are also offered, as well as the school sponsored sporting events played by the Bismarck State College Mystics.

Bismarck, North Dakotaís capital city, is located in central North Dakota. Residents enjoy many outdoor activities throughout the year and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the city.

Contact Information
Bismarck State College
E-mail: Jordis.Conrad@bsc.nodak.edu
1500 Edwards Ave
Bismarck, North Dakota 58506-5587
General information: (701) 224-5400
Financial aid office: (701) 224-5441
Admissions office: (701) 224-5429

Lake Region State College

Lake Region State College is a two-year comprehensive community college that is part of the North Dakota University System. Located in Devils Lake, Lake Region State College teaches more than 1,300 students each year. Lake Region State University was founded in 1941 and offers a variety of academic programs to its students.

A variety of Arts, Sciences, Technologies and Technical course programs are offered, which gives students a range of choices and opportunities. Also on campus are opportunities to participate in intramural sports, as well as other entertainment options.

Devils Lake is located in the middle of the historic Lake Region. Surrounded by Devils Lake, which is the largest lake in North Dakota, the area has a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and bird watching. Citizens of Devils Lake are very friendly, and make area students feel right at home.

Contact Information
Lake Region State College
1801 College Dr N
Devils Lake, North Dakota 58301-1598
General information: (701) 662-1600
Financial aid office: (701) 662-1517
Admissions office: (701) 662-1514

Minot State University Ė Bottineau Campus

The Minot State University Ė Bottineau Campus (MSU-Bottineau) was founded in 1906 and averages a fall enrollment of 551 students per year. There are 32 vocational-technical programs available at the MSU-Bottineau, which lead to certificates, diplomas, or Associate degrees. Many students use the MSU-Bottineau programs to prepare them for transfer to a 4-year university.

The MSU-Bottineau campus consists of 35 acres on the northern edge of the city. On campus, you will find five classroom buildings, three residence halls, a student center and three video network studios. Admission is open to high school and GED graduates.

Bottineau is a small town located approximately 14 miles south of the Canadian border. Located in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, Bottineau is full of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Contact Information
Minot State University Ė Bottineau Campus
105 Simrall Blvd
Bottineau, North Dakota 58318-1198
General information: (701) 228-2277
Financial aid office: (701) 228-5437
Admissions office: (701) 228-5426

North Dakota State College of Science

The North Dakota State College of Science offers 2-year associate degrees in arts, science, business and technology-related fields of study. Founded in 1903, the institution is one of the oldest public junior colleges in the United States. Located in Wahpeton, the North Dakota State College of Science teaches about 2,300 students each year.

The campus has music, theater, athletic and swimming facilities. These facilities are used for practice, performance and recreational activities and are available to all students. Other student activities are available in music, drama, athletics, intramurals and open gym, social life and student organizations.

Wahpeton is a growing community with just over 8,500 residents. Located in the southeastern corner of North Dakota, Wahpeton sits at the head of the Red River of the North. Wahpeton and its sister city, Breckenridge, Minnesota, offer a theater, restaurants, parks, a zoo, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a water slide, ice skating rinks, a bowling alley, a golf course, a shooting range, and more.

Contact Information
North Dakota State College of Science
800 N 6Th St
Wahpeton, North Dakota 58076
General information: (701) 671-2403
Financial aid office: (701) 671-2207
Admissions office: (701) 671-2202

Williston State College

Williston State College is a community college that can prepare you for your career, or for transfer to a 4-year college or university. Programs are available in a variety of study; including agriculture, computer networking or programming, nursing, physical therapy, massage therapy, diesel or automotive technology, or medical transcription. Williston State College can also be used to get continuing education for current job.

There are a few student organizations located at Williston State College, most of which are clubs geared toward the studentís specific course of study. Examples are the Computer Club, Science Club, Auto Technology Club, etc. In addition to those student clubs, there are also a few Greek organizations, as well as Student Senate. Athletics are also available, in the sports of menís baseball, menís and womenís basketball, and womenís volleyball.

Williston is a small town with 12,500 residents located on the Missouri River. Williston is home to several attractions, including Lewis and Clark State Park, Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site and Fort Buford State Historic Site. Its location in northwest North Dakota puts Williston near the Montana border. Residents of this small town enjoy the low crime rate and open spaces surrounding Williston.

Contact Information
Williston State College
1410 University Ave
Williston, North Dakota 58801-1326
General information: (701) 774-4200
Financial aid office: (701) 774-4244
Admissions office: (701) 774-4210

Tribal Colleges and Universities

Cankdeska Cikana Community College

Cankdeska Cikana Community College, also known as Little Hoop Community College, is located in Fort Totten and was founded in 1970. The college offers vocational and technical training that emphasizes the Dakota tribeís culture and language. The goal of the college is to make its students self-sufficient and independent through their academic studies.

Degree programs are offered in Applied Science, Science and Arts. Specific offerings are in Automotive Technology, Computer Applications, Office Technology, Tribal Administration, Agriculture, Pre-Nursing, Accounting, Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Indian Studies, Liberal Arts, and Carpentry. Obtaining an associateís degree in one of these fields allows its graduates to obtain a job in their profession or transfer to a 4-year college or university to continue their education.

Though there arenít many student clubs and organizations at Little Hoop, students can participate in student government.

Fort Totten is a small town located in western North Dakota and is home to the Fort Totten State Historic Site, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Contact Information
Candeska Cikana Community College
214 1St Ave
Fort Totten, North Dakota 58335
E-mail: info@littlehoop.cc
General information: (701) 766
-4415 Financial aid office: (701) 766-1341
Admissions office: (701) 766-1342

Fort Berthold Community College

Fort Berthold Community College was founded in 1973 on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Located in New Town, this community college was tribally chartered by the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation headquarters. Fort Berthold Community College provides education and services for the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes of North Dakota.

Associate degrees in Arts, Science, and Applied Science are offered, as well as vocational certificates and a nursing assistant program. No matter what program is chosen by a student, tribal studies and culture are built into their studies.

A new Student Union was recently built on campus, which provides a variety of student services. Students can also participate in various student organizations, or enjoy the campus library and cultural center.

New Town is located on Lake Sakakawea and is enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. Some of the regionís best hunting and fishing is done in the New Town area. Also in New Town you will find the Four Bears Casino, Edgewater Country Club, and Three Affiliated Tribes Museum

Contact Information
Fort Berthold Community College
Po Box 490
New Town, North Dakota 58763
General information: (701) 627-4738
Financial aid office: (701) 627-4738, E
xt.236 Admissions office: (701) 627-4738, Ext.236

Sitting Bull College

Located in Fort Yates, Sitting Bull College began in 1973. Located on the Standing Rock reservation, the Sioux Tribal Council began Sitting Bull College upon realizing the need for an institution of higher learning for area residents.

Associate degrees are offered in a variety of arts, science and applied science. Other certificates are also offered in a variety of areas. Tribal studies are worked into all programs of study, in order to preserve the history and knowledge of the Native American culture.

Students can join student organizations to make their college experience more memorable. In addition to joining a student organization, students also enjoy the various outdoor recreational activities, many of which are available year-round.

The Standing Rock Reservation is located in southern North Dakota and northern South Dakota. About 4,500 Hunkpapa Sioux tribe members live on this reservation, which consists of 2,275,000 acres of land. Located on the Oahe Reservoir, water recreation, fishing and camping are enjoyed in the area.

Contact Information
Sitting Bull College
1341 92nd Street
Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538-9721
E-mail: info@sbci.edu
General information: (701) 854-3861
Financial aid office: (701) 854-3864, Ext.213
Admissions office: (701) 854-3864, Ext.220

Turtle Mountain Community College

Turtle Mountain Community College, located on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation, offers general studies and undergraduate education. Established in 1972 as one of the original six tribal colleges that were started by various Indian Tribes in the early 1970s, Turtle Mountain Community College is located in the Turtle Mountains of central North Dakota.

Though the college began as a very small institution that served less than 60 students each year, its move to a new campus and facility in 1999 as well as other additions made since then have increased its size and enrollment. Today, Turtle Mountain serves over 650 full-time students and approximately 250 pre-college adults. The collegeís primary mission is to improve all levels of education among tribal members and to sustain the economic status of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe.

A number of degree programs are available at Turtle Mountain, including arts and science, math, health education, teacher education, business and more. This small institution doesnít offer many student groups, but various activities are offered throughout the year. Also, since the Turtle Mountains are full of natural outdoor beauty, most residents of the area prefer to spend their time outside enjoying recreational activities.

Contact Information
Turtle Mountain Community College
Fish Lake Road
Belcourt, North Dakota 58316
General information: (701) 477-7862
Financial aid office: (701) 477-7862, E
xt.1157 Admissions office: (701) 477-7862, Ext.1161

United Tribes Technical College

United Tribes Technical College was founded in 1971, making it the first post-secondary vocational school in the United States that was controlled by a Native American tribe. Providing coursework in arts, humanities, and vocational and technical fields, United Tribes Technical College promotes a multi-cultural environment while teaching its students.

The United Tribes Technical College is located in Bismarck, the capital city of North Dakota.

Contact Information
United Tribes Technical College
3315 University Dr
Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
General information: (701) 255-3285, Ext.218
Financial aid office: (701) 255-3285, Ext.209
Admissions office: (701) 255-3285, Ext.334

Public (State) Colleges & Universities

Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University, located in Dickinson, offers a range of academic offerings in arts and sciences, teacher education, business, nursing, agriculture and other professional areas.

A variety of student activities are available at Dickinson State University, including student government, student publications, musical groups, science and art organizations, drama and speech clubs, athletics, and more.

Dickinson is a town of 17,000 residents and is located near the North Dakota Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Residents and students of the Dickinson area enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, golfing, hunting and fishing. Dickinson is located along Interstate-94 and also offers commercial bus and air service.

Contact Information
Dickinson State University
291 Campus Drive
Dickinson, ND 58601-4896
E-mail: diana.knudtson@dickinsonstate.edu
General information: (701) 483-2507
Financial aid office: (701) 483-2371
Admissions office: (701) 483-2331

Mayville State University

Mayville State University is a small campus serving just over 800 students each year. There are almost 70 academic programs offered at this technology-enriched facility, where all students are issued a Gateway laptop upon their enrollment. The most well-known programs at this school are Teacher Education, Business Administration and Computer Information Systems.

Named "A Best Midwestern College" for two consecutive years by The Princeton Review, Mayville State University offers an environment focusing on personal service and student relations.

Students can participate in a variety of campus groups and activities. Greek life, athletics, theater and art groups and student government are just a few options of activities. The Mayville State Comets play various athletic events throughout the year and drama students perform plays in the theater, so there is always something to do and see at Mayville State!

Mayville State University is located in the heart of the Red River Valley, in Mayville. Though Mayville isnít a big city, it offers various entertainment and outdoor activities. Also, Mayville is less than an hour away from both Fargo and Grand Forks, which are the two largest cities in North Dakota.

Contact Information
Mayville State University
330 3rd Street NE
Mayville, ND 58257-1229
General information: (701) 788-2301
Financial aid office: (701) 788-4767
Admissions office: (701) 788-4765

Minot State University

Founded in 1913, the Minot State University is located on 102 tree-lined acres in Minot. Consisting of 21 buildings, Minot State University offers a variety of academic programs to its students while offering them the personal attention of a small university.

Minot State University is home to almost 4,000 students. Consisting of four undergraduate colleges with more than 40 majors, 14 masterís degrees and some pre-professional programs, you are sure to find a program to suit your needs. There are also several campus groups, organizations and activities in which students can participate.

Minot offers a variety of activities, whether you enjoy the outdoors or prefer to stay inside. Golfing, shopping, museums, auto racing, indoor waterslides, hiking, biking and theatre are just a few of the things that residents of Minot enjoy each year. Ranked #7 in the nation as a best place to live in the category of cities between 10,000 and 50,000 residents, Minot is also called the "Magic City."

Contact Information
Minot State University
500 University Ave W
Minot, North Dakota 58707
General information: (701) 858-3000
Financial aid office: (701) 858-3375
Admissions office: (701) 858-3350

North Dakota State University Ė Main Campus

North Dakota State Universityís Main Campus, located in Fargo, teaches about 12,000 students each year. The stateís first land-grant institution, North Dakota State University offers are large variety of course programs, including 41 doctoral and professional programs, 51 master degree programs, 103 bachelor degree programs and 1 specialist program.

North Dakota State University offers a variety of organizations and activities to its students. As with many large schools, Greek life is very popular on campus with several fraternity and sorority houses located just on the outskirts of campus. There are also several other student groups and clubs available on campus, as well as various events and concerts sponsored by the University for students.

Athletics are also very popular at North Dakota State University. The North Dakota State University Bison and Lady Bison pride themselves on being competitive within their division in all of their sports.

Fargo is combined with adjacent Moorhead, Minnesota, and the Fargo-Moorhead area forms a large metropolitan area. Known as one of the most stress-free metropolitan areas in the United States, "quality of life" here is high. Residents enjoy clean air and water, an active economy and low crime and employment rates.

Contact Information
North Dakota State University Ė Main Campus
1301 12th Avenue North
Fargo, North Dakota 58105-5167
E-mail: ndsu.admission@ndsu.edu
General information: (701) 231-8011
Financial aid office: (701) 231-7533
Admissions office: (701) 231-8643

University of North Dakota Ė Main Campus

The University of North Dakota Ė Main Campus, located in Grand Forks, is the stateís most comprehensive intensive research university, and the main center for professional education and training. With its accredited law and medical schools, it is one of only 46 public universities with both fields offered.

Almost 13,000 students choose from 191 fields of study at the University of Dakota each year. The largest university in the North Dakota, this institution has a strong liberal arts foundation, accompanied by various professional and specialized programs.

Students at the University of North Dakota can choose between a variety of 220 student organizations, including student government, honor societies, national fraternities and sororities, school organizations and other special interest groups. Intramural sports are also offered, which are enjoyed by many students each year.

Athletics are very popular at the University of North Dakota, where teams participate at the Division I and II levels. The menís and womenís ice hockey teams participate in Division I with the NCAA, and all other sports compete within Division II. The Fighting Sioux have a reputation in the area of being the "team to beat," as they have a long tradition of athletic excellence.

Grand Forks, located in the heart of the Red River Valley, offers spacious city parks, local fishing, shopping, theatre and more. The prairie grass and rural farms surrounding the Grand Forks area will make you forget that you are in the city!

Contact Information
University of North Dakota Ė Main Campus
University Station
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58202
General information: (800) 225-5863
Financial aid office: (701) 777-3121
Admissions office: (701) 777-3821

Valley City State University

Valley City State University, founded in 1890 in Valley City, is located in the southeastern part of North Dakota. The 55-acre campus is bordered by the Sheyenne River and a wooded hillside, which makes it one of the most attractive campuses in North Dakota. The buildings on campus are a unique blend of historic architecture mixed with modern structures.

Recognized for seven consecutive years in U.S. News & World Report as one of the top five public Comprehensive Colleges in the Midwest, Valley City State University is a technology-rich university that issues an IBM ThinkPad laptop computer to every student upon enrollment.

Various programs of study are offered at Valley City State, though Art and Science related programs are the most prominent. Various student organizations, athletics and theatre are present at this institution, so Valley City Stateís 1,100 students always have something to do while they enjoy their college experience.

Valley City is a small town with about 8,000 residents and is located almost 60 miles west of Fargo on Interstate-94. The natural beauty of the area and the friendly demeanor of its residents make Valley City a great place to go to college. Various annual events, as well as year-round outdoor activities, will always give you something to do in Valley City.

Contact Information
Valley City State University
101 SW College St
Valley City, North Dakota 58072
General information: (701) 845-7990
Financial aid office: (701) 845-7412
Admissions office: (701) 845-7101

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