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Developing Jamestown Shows Increasing Growth

With its rolling hills and friendly locals, Jamestown North Dakota provides both a scenic and welcoming atmosphere for those looking to relocate. With a stable and growing economy and house market, the quaint town offers more than just beautiful scenery.

Jamestown’s economy proves both stable and steady due to the broad base of agricultural industries. While North Dakota is known as the bread basket of the world, Jamestown, formerly a major grower of sunflowers, also produces mainly corn, soybeans and potatoes. The agricultural industry offers many employment possibilities for Jamestown. High-tech manufacturing companies also provide a major source of capital and jobs. Goodrich Cargo Systems, the largest manufacturing employer in Jamestown, provides over 550 individuals with positions. As North Dakota’s largest aerospace manufacturer, they supply cargo systems to airlines worldwide. They have expanded many times over the past few years and seek to continue that expansion. Many Jamestown residents hold positions in the educational and health care fields. Both the North Dakota State Hospital and the Jamestown Public School District allot for more than 600 jobs in Jamestown. New complimentary industries seeking growth are also looking at Jamestown as well as other new venues for expansion, which would provide more growth in the picturesque town.

Along with an expanding and stable economic market, the housing market also boasts of up-an-coming growth. When homes in Jamestown are listed on the market, they are selling increasingly faster. On average, the days a home is on the market has decreased by nine percent. Reuben Liechty leads the pack as the houses they list are off the market sooner than any other agency. Statistics for 2005 show that comparatively for the entire MLS, the average home was on the market for 80 days where Reuben Liechty’s listing was off in 60 days.

The average house values in Jamestown continues to increase with the average home selling for slightly more than $116,000. Though interest rates edging up slightly, they aren’t changing the complexion of business. The competition for lenders in the area proves excellent with plenty of availability in shopping for financing. And as a continuing trend, the spring will likely bring more home buyers to the city.

North Dakota is said to have two seasons: Construction and Winter. Millions of dollars in renovations for existing businesses and services along with increasing house values and economic potential are expanding the market in Jamestown and setting in place demands for the developing area.

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