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When moving time comes around, storing some of the excess left over is almost always inevitable. And though moving companies typically extend the ability to store whatís extra in their storage building for a hefty price, most individuals chose to rent a self-storage unit. The units, relatively self-explanatory, are usually quite similar and vary only with size. Yet, there are some differences and itís important to pick the right facility and properly pack the unit. Here are some tips to help you with your move.

Location! Location! Location!
  • If itís important to access your things frequently or soon, make sure the facility is nearby.
  • Make sure you know when you can access the unity; storage facilities vary from allowing free 24-hour access, to restrictions and even charges for accessing the facility.
  • Climate controlled units can be essential when storing valuable furniture or documents. Somewhere too cold or humid can ruin your property, even warp wood. Even laying plastic tarps on the floor can help prevent condensation damage, where covering items with old linen will reduce dust.
  • Storage facilities have units in many different sizes to cater to and individualís needs. Make sure to check out the space to avoid paying for too much room.
Proper Packing
  • Use uniform boxes, heavier ones always on bottom, to reduce the risk of a wavering tower and maximize storage space. This can also help better organize the items and give room for walkways.
  • Walkways will help to maintain circulation of air within the unit and help to make sure your items neither warp nor mildew.
  • When storing metal objects, treat them with rust protector to help reduce any deterioration throughout the storage.
  • Do not leave any gas in the tanks of items you store. Flammable or combustible material such as gasoline, cleaning fluids or oil can cause major problems.
Storage Facilities in Jamestown:

The Storage Site
1611 12th Avenue NE
Along Highway 20 North
Jamestown, ND
Phone: 701-320-1166 or 701-252-1166

Unit Sizes:
6X10 walk-in storage
10X24 garage type units fully enclosed with overhead door

Additional Features:
With 40 sq feet above floor storage (shelf)
20 foot concrete apron in front

Leasing Information:
Month to month or long term your preference
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